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Q: Is design not frosting?

Some may think design is merely the icing on the cake, but I believe design is part of every facet of a product from beginning to end. Yes design is an extraordinary thing, but it's also a mundane thing like water and air, usually taken for granted until it's not there. Design is what we are and what we engage in every day, it's why we choose one thing over another and it's what makes things useful. Good design can also be invisible, but it is still the patina that forms the parameters of our reality, it is how we see and judge the world around us. Design cannot be separated from function, it is the inescapable and essential link to the success (or failure) of everyone and everything... And guess what? You are a design practicioner to some degree. Yes some make it their life to specifically focus on design, but we all do participate in a collaboration. As someone said, "The me you see is the me you'll be." Who will you be today, a maker or a consumer? --- Thanks for humoring me, while I stand on my soapbox!

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"Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life's coming attractions"

- Some smart guy.

Based in Austin TX, I specialize in design creative for UI/UX, brand identity and marketing. (I may even paint a mural for the right price!). Let's work together and make something that will help your end user not only accomplish their goal as they interface with your technology, but also enjoy it enough to return.

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If it takes too long to figure out how to use it, it's safe to say the UX sucks. Amazing looking UI can be totally useless without achieving good UX - and visa-versa. The goal is to keep it simple, snappy and beautiful. All my UI work is created with a disruptive, lean and easy user-centric approach.

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Mobile Apps

I can help you stay ahead of the competition. Design for maximum impact, breaking convention without re-inventing the wheel to create a demand for your business. I specialize in developing hi-fi renderings as well as optimized user-flow to make your native apps memorable, intuitive and exciting.

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Brand Identity

Packaging is everything, I can make sure it cuts through the noise. By providing you with with refreshed, custom strategies for communicating unique brand stories, your product or site can be a trend-setter. Be noticed! Be remembered! Be celebrated! Don't be afraid to stand out from the competition.

Wonder Aficionado

Mick Santostefano

When it comes to design, I am passionately creative, curious, unorthodox, concept driven & user-centric. I do what works and ditch what doesn't. Create, collaborate, improve, repeat. The prolific and proficient qualities displayed in my work reveal my underlying mission: Wake the creative spirit in each of us, and revive the divine joy of play.


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Let's work together and get some projects done, and in the process, let's help improve the quality of life for the digital experience.

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