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Dufflite Studios LLC, Silicon Valley, San Diego, Austin - Mobile App Studio | 2014-2015


UI/UX & Brand Designer

UI Design UX Design Front-end Dev Mobile Design Brand Identity Illustration Interactive Art Direction Creative Direction Photoshop Illustrator Github HTML5 CSS3 SVG Grid Responsive JS XML PHP


While Dufflite had experienced a good level of success in the market, they lacked a web presence that established them as a brand.


I provided visual design, art direction, brand building and web development for Dufflite clients as well as for all internal projects.

Get Duffed!

Dufflite Studios has been in operation since 2013 as a top tier mobile software development cooperative that specializes in creating mobile apps and experiences for enterprise. Dufflite consists of a decentralized group of seasoned developers, in which I was the creative designer front-end addition to the mix.

Social Presence

Like the arms of an octopus reaching into cyberspace, Dufflite now can reach their audience in more ways than one.

Marketing Materials

Sometimes spreading the word about your greatness requires simple human interactions and physical objects.