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Spiceworks, Austin, TX | 2008-2012


Creative Designer

UI Design Front-end Dev Brand Management Illustration Interactive Motion Graphics Art Direction Photoshop Illustrator HTML5 CSS3 JS XML PHP Banner Ads Microsites


Provide custom creative design solutions for sales team, support existing vendors, promote new vendors for community pages, provide various design collateral for development team.


I built out coded micro-sites using HTML, CSS, and Javascript libraries, banner ads, animated flash video, created demos, managed brand standards, provided art direction, interactive videos, infographics, white papers and designed icons and graphics for product development team.

Setup & Configuration Demo

One of my first tasks while at Spiceworks was to develop interactive Flash videos to help users setup and configure their Active Management for VMWare, Intel and HP. This required a very close attention to detail - if something was was missing or incorrect, it could cause a lot of issues for the user. There were about eighteen steps per demo, with about three demos per version.

Micro-sites & Vendor Pages for the Spiceworks Community

At the time within the Spiceworks community, vendors had the choice of offering services via micro-sites or a full Vendor Page. Either version required custom design and hand coding to accommodate various brand requirements. The was often requests to make things happen that were not common on the web at the time which really pushed me to dig in and learn new techniques and coding languages. All together I built around 175 of these Vendor Pages and micro-sites.

Banner Ads

I did my time creating banner ads... When I first started at Spiceworks, I was creating ad creative for only two sales executives that handled about thirty or so vendors. By the time I left I was generating ads for roughly thirty-something sales executives, that now had account managers working underneath them, each of those account managers were handling around twenty or so vendors. Needless to say, I was cranking out a lot of ads - along with Vendor Pages and micro-sites. Yup, they kept me pretty busy!